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How many of you can remember when the airport in Denpasar was literally a tin shed in the paddock?. Ngurah Rai has undergone monumental changes over the last couple of decades to become a truly international gateway.

Not only has the airport undergone radical change but also the cargo terminal. And now that looks to be going through a new phase with massive upgrades. So if you are thinking about packing up your house and moving to Bali then your gear could not be in safer hands upon arrival.

The world's leading express and logistics company, DHL, inaugurated Friday the expansion of a gateway at the cargo terminal of Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali according to a Business New Report.

The new and improved gateway comprises 288 square meters of warehousing space and 180 sq m for office and administrative activities. It features an integrated design to house sales, service, warehousing and administration functions under one roof.

"In terms of cost efficiency the expanded gateway will eliminate overlapping rental, maintenance and security costs" said David Ng, senior technical advisor for PT Birotika Semesta, which runs DHL's operations in Indonesia.

National area manager Welty Tambunan said the expansion could boost international trade for Bali and accommodate future air express and logistics volume growth since Bali was the site for many local and foreign companies engaged in manufacturing.
The expansion is part of DHL's ongoing program to enhance its network of branch offices, service centers and gateways in Indonesia.