Transformation Helps Makassar New Port to
Exceed Throughput Target in 2023

Makassar New Port exceeded its yearly throughput target in 2023, thanks to transformation and standardization programs of Pelindo merger in 2021 that triggered shorter port stay and cargo stay, boosted ship calls and cargo volume.

According to recent report from Pelindo Regional 4, Makassar New Port throughput until November 2023 was 257,981 TEUs, reaching 121.3% of its yearly target which was set up at 212,675 TEUs.

“Surely, it exceeded our revised yearly target (RKAP),”  said Head of Pelindo Regional 4 Enriany Muis, explaining that Pelindo has revised Makassar New Port throughput target from 193,287 TEUs set up in early year of 2023 to 212,675 TEUs.

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“We revised it as the terminal continued to show its increasing trend. And, it even much higher than our revised version,” she said.

She explained that this increasing volume was in line with the terminal expansion programs to increase capacity and remained the good results of Pelindo merger programs of transformation and standardization.

The completion of Makassar New Port 1B and 1C has increased this terminal capacity by 150%, from 1 million to 2.5 million TEUs.

For information, the Makassar New Port was built in 2015 as anticipation of potential overcapacity of the existing terminal at Soekarno Hatta Port with capacity of only 700 thousands TEUs.

The transformation and standardization programs post-merger, according to Enriany, have encouraged this terminal to reach such productivity. Currently, in addition to Makassar, a number of ports in Eastern Indonesia, such as Ambon and Sorong, have set operational hours of seven days for 24 hours a week (7X24). This standardization results in increased productivity and efficiency.

The programs have also improved Makassar New Port operation. Its port stay has shortened from 48 hours to only 24 hours at maximum. Its loading and unloading productivity has been faster, from 20 to 34 BSH (boxes per ship per hour).

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